Event horse ownership with Coral Keen Eventing

Whether you already own a horse or are new to eventing and want to become involved, we would love to welcome you to the Coral Keen Eventing team.

Please click here for details of how you can get involved with Coral Keen Eventing.

Lessons and Clinics with Coral Keen

How do I teach my horse to bounce?

Q: Introducing bounce fences: “It’s time to introduce something new to my seven-year-old’s showjump training. She’s perfect at grids and she loves jumping down them. Recently my trainer has asked me to practise some bounce fences with ‘Dusty’. However bounces for us...

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Join Coral Keen Eventing

Coral has a proven track record of success with outstanding facilities and a brilliant team. She is always on the look out for young and experienced horses to join the team. Please do contact Coral if you would like your horse to go to Glebe Farm.

Latest News

How do I teach my young horse to jump?

Q: “I’ve just had a horse dropped off for me to ride. He’s a five-year-old and I’ve been told he’s a good jumper with potential. On the flat he’s lovely, just what I’m looking for. We’ve had a go over some little (60/70cm) jumps and it’s hit and miss whether he clears...

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Great work at Aston Le Walls

Our two home-breds, Total Belief and Total Darkness were fantastic at Aston Le Walls where organisers had done such a great job on the ground considering the recent long, dry spell. The work they put in was remarkable, and I was more than happy to run my two. Total...

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Shoot the rider!

For the first time in 15 years of eventing I somehow missed out a fence on the cross-country course at Portman Horse Trials. Shoot the rider! My excuse was that I was walking the course with four pupils jumping three different tracks, as well as walking two courses...

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We Love

Wendy Vaughan – Equine Physical Therapist

Wendy Vaughan – Equine Physical Therapist

I am really lucky to work with Wendy Vaughan who is my equine and personal physical therapist. She regularly comes to Glebe Farm and keeps the horses in tip top condition, and she keeps all my niggles at bay too. Wendy offers a range of techniques for horses: Massage,...

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