Event horse ownership with Coral Keen Eventing

Whether you already own a horse or are new to eventing and want to become involved, we would love to welcome you to the Coral Keen Eventing team.

Please click here for details of how you can get involved with Coral Keen Eventing.

Lessons and Clinics with Coral Keen

Help! how do I teach my horse to extend?

Q: “I’m having difficulty getting my horse to understand how to extend properly in any gait. Collection is easy enough but not extension. He does a decent walk and trot — his canter needs work but we’re only trying to do collection and extending in walk and trot at...

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Join Coral Keen Eventing

Coral has a proven track record of success with outstanding facilities and a brilliant team. She is always on the look out for young and experienced horses to join the team. Please do contact Coral if you would like your horse to go to Glebe Farm.

Latest News

Gearing up for the new season on March 9

The horses are all on great form and they’ve had their first gallop of the year on Salisbury Plain. They’re feeling fit, fresh and ready for the season ahead, which begins for us at Tweseldown on 9 March. I’ve had some jump training with Richard Waygood, which has...

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Photos in the sun and coaching

We had another mini shoot in the sunshine on Monday in readiness for the new season. It was fun getting the horses to line up for this shot - but take a look at the images below, a few outtakes! We were kitted out in Mountain Horse whom I am extremely fortunate to be...

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Competition liveries – we have spaces

Competition livery – at Glebe Farm we are renowned for making the experience of being an event horse owner enjoyable and memorable. We have packages to suit every budget – call Coral now and give your horse the ultimate in care and individual attention to enable him...

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We Love



ReadySupp supplements without a doubt, enhance my horses' performances.  I've used Grumpy Girth for quite some time now and it has made a particular difference to two horses I compete. This carefully formulated supplement contains a powerful blend of herbs such as...

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