Event horse ownership with Coral Keen Eventing

Whether you already own a horse or are new to eventing and want to become involved, we would love to welcome you to the Coral Keen Eventing team.

Please click here for details of how you can get involved with Coral Keen Eventing.

Lessons and Clinics with Coral Keen

Training and clinics with Coral Keen

If you'd like a private lesson, or would like to book me for a clinic please do get in touch. We have fantastic facilities here at Glebe Farm or I can travel to you. Do take a look at my 'Training and Tuition with Coral' page or contact me on 07773629503. CORAL'S NEXT...

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Join Coral Keen Eventing

Coral has a proven track record of success with outstanding facilities and a brilliant team. She is always on the look out for young and experienced horses to join the team. Please do contact Coral if you would like your horse to go to Glebe Farm.

Latest News

How do I achieve the perfect jumping position?

Q: Help with my jump position: “How on earth can I get the correct jump fold position? For whatever reason, I ride defensively and almost lock myself into a standing position, although giving with my hands. I’ve been having lessons, upon lessons, upon lessons, and yet...

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We Love

Stamm 30®

Stamm 30®

I love Stamm 30® because I know my horses are getting all the vitamins and minerals they require without having to put high energy food into them during the winter, and they look and feel fantastic on it. About Stamm 30 Stamm 30® is a highly concentrated source of...

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